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Huskie Football Supporters,

Having the privilege to be entering my third season as your U of S Huskies Football team Head Coach, I have been able to see firsthand the impact the Dogs’ Breakfast has on our team and our recruits. Our returning players feel the support and our new recruits get a taste of how much our local football community cares about this program. For that, we are forever grateful.

My vision for our program has not changed as we continue to build on the tradition of excellence established in our program from its inception. That vision states:

To develop and sustain a program that is revered as the premier football institution in U Sports through unwavering standards and principled core values in our pursuit of attaining each student-athletes fullest potential.

We all know that past success has no indication on future results, today is a new day. We know that 2018 was a good start for us to begin that path back to re-establishing the national relevance of our program. We need your help to continue to work towards our ultimate goal, the Vanier Cup. Our players, coaches, and staff are all committed to having sustained long-term success by being a perennial contender and continually strive for greatness on a daily basis. We will never cease in our pursuit of excellence. We cannot do it alone; we need your help and support to do this. Thank you for your support in the past and know your support is still needed today and going forward.

On behalf of Huskie Football, thank you! See you on the field!

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Scott Flory

Head Coach | Huskie Football


The Huskies Football Foundation was created in 2001 with a goal of raising money for scholarships to support the University of Saskatchewan Huskies Football team.

The main fundraising event for the Huskies Football Foundation is the Dogs’ Breakfast. The event is one of the top football fundraisers in Canada. It has raised over $2 Million supporting the education and team enhancements for the Huskie Football Student – Athletes. The Dogs’ Breakfast is one of Canada’s largest sports breakfasts with over 1500 - 2000 people in attendance.

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Changes to USPORT scholarship rules and the competitive landscape has drastically changed “the playing field” when it comes to recruiting top calibre student-athletes to the Huskie football program. The competition is fierce. The Huskies Football Foundation has been established to help assist student athletes with their education while playing football with a program that has a proud tradition. The future success of Huskie football is directly associated with our ability to attract quality people, both student-athletes and corporate supporters.

The success of our football program has been a source of great pride for the City of Saskatoon and the entire province. It has brought national prominence to our university and our city. As a result, Huskie Football has been a focal point of overwhelming community spirit and pride, with citizens and alumni claiming the Dogs to be their own.

But tradition does not secure the future!

The financial ability of other Canada West universities entices potential recruits to consider options other than the U of S. But it is the student-athletes who must carry the ball. The future success of Huskie Football is directly associated with the ability to attract quality people – both as athletes and as students – to the U of S. The cost to attract, recruit and retain the best and brightest is a huge challenge.

As a supporter of Huskie Football, we are requesting that you join our team as an individual donor, Dogs’ Breakfast sponsor or ticket buyer. As a Huskie football fan you will feel comfortable in knowing that your contribution goes directly to the Huskie football program, providing scholarships to some of Canada’s finest student-athletes and future business leaders.

Your support of the Huskie Football team – as a fan and as a financial contributor* – is what is needed to build for the future and maintain a great winning football tradition.

Contribute to the future and help keep the tradition alive!

*Donations to the University of Saskatchewan Huskies Football Scholarships are 100% tax deductible. A portion of every Dogs’ Breakfast tickets is also charitably receipted through the University of Saskatchewan.

Most Importantly, Thank You!!


Huskies Football Foundation has a committee of 24 members dedicated to the success, funding, and growth of our football team. Our group of members includes:

  • John Hyshka – Chairperson+
  • Alix Hayden
  • Byron Mack
  • Chris Friesen
  • Cory Thoms
  • Doug Siemens
  • Joe Vidal
  • Jason Halyk
  • James Limin
  • James Limin
  • Laird Ritchie
  • Matt Czerniak
  • Mark Regier
  • Mike Gartner – Past Chair
  • Monica Morrison
  • Parker Siemens
  • Rick Hillestad
  • Ryan Lejbak
  • Ron Welke
  • Rylund Hunte
  • Scott Livingstone
  • Scott Flory
  • Shayne Dueck
  • Shane Szakacs
  • Stella Spanos
  • Ted Mitchell
  • Todd Peterson
  • Wayne Wilson